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True Digital Dossier is the easy, secure way to share asset information


A groundbreaking foundational technology that increases the value of tradeable assets

When high-value assets like mortgages change hands frequently, the due diligence required to complete the transaction can take months because the information required to support the sale is often siloed in different legacy software applications or is paper-based. What’s more, all information gathered the last time the asset was traded is no longer available.

A groundbreaking plug-in due diligence digital asset management platform using a blockchain layer delivers a faster, less expensive way to organize and share essential documents within Digital Dossiers.
Get deals done faster by reducing the time and money it takes to collect and share digital asset information.
Accelerate asset trades
Collect, refresh and verify digital asset information centrally within Digital Dossiers.
Reduce risk and liability
A secure, transferable data registry reduces risk, confusion and liability.
Get more value from tradeable assets
Create a single, trusted information package with the asset’s life-time information.


Our blockchain is used for data security, not cryptocurrency. It gives you a simple yet ingenious way to verify information, detect tampering and tell a better story about the history of your asset.


Digital documents are uploaded to our searchable Digital Dossier.

Each document is scanned via optical character recognition and turned into a data block.

Each document is encrypted with a unique, digital identifier.

We assign a digital ID to each document which drastically increases the security and transparency of due diligence reviews.



We use blockchain to allow or deny data authorization so no misunderstandings occur.

All files are updated in blocks so users know whether statements about content are correct.

Once your digital assets have been verified, True Digital Dossier offers a rich set of multi-lingual features to shorten the due diligence process and create a single, trusted information package with the asset’s life-time information.


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A groundbreaking multi-lingual plug-in due diligence digital asset management platform.

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